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Example of capturing an address and displaying it on a map
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Kleber is all about finding the right solution for your data needs by providing access to a variety of data sources and then making it easy to implement. And as everyone’s issue is different (and can change over time) the solution also needs to be flexible.

Kleber’s provides that flexibility by giving every subscriber access to all the data options (methods), including new ones as they become available. Subscribers utilise Kleber to create tailored solutions using any method, or any combination of methods necessary. They can even try out a method before implementing it by using the working examples.

DataTools makes the purchasing process easy also. Any method used is simply deducted from your monthly subscription account. No transaction minimums apply and any royalties are taken care of in the method cost.

And with DataTool’s commitment to continually add new data sources to the service you will find that Kleber’s solution possibilities are endless.

Real Clients - Real Solutions

Bauer Media

“We developed three implementations of the Kleber API within a month. A testament to the ease of use of the Kleber API interface & the support of the DataTools team”
Graham Pearson – Business Systems Manager

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Queensland Police

By utilising Kleber to verify email addresses & phone numbers in the field, Queensland Police officers now have the power to issue traffic infringement notices electronically via email or MMS, thus streamlining procedures & improving efficiencies.

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Many Methods - All Available and Ready to Use

Capture Data with Kleber

Capture Data with Kleber

Validating and capturing details on entry to your database or system is the focus of the Capture category.

Kleber’s advanced predictive capture methods provide suggestions as you type, speeding up the process of capture, whilst also standardising how the data is entered. Kleber includes the ability to predicatively capture:

Parse Data with Kleber

Parse Data with Kleber

When data is combined together, or contained in a single field, the ability to separate the data out into it’s individual elements to make analysis or enhancement of the data easier can be very useful. Kleber’s parsing methods make this task easy to do.

Currently you can parse:

Verify Data with Kleber

Verify Data with Kleber

With Kleber you are able to authenticate the quality of your data against a variety of sources in real time. Verifying data on entry saves you time, resources and money as your database will already contain all the correct data you need.

In Kleber you can currently verify:

Repair Data with Kleber

Repair Data with Kleber

Kleber includes the ability to repair incorrect Australian addresses using the Australia Post Postal Address File (PAF) advanced cleansing rules.

Currently the two options of repair available in Kleber are:

Match Data with Kleber

Match Data with Kleber

Pinpointing records that are in reality the one identity within a database, or across multiple databases, is not always straightforward. Different spellings, typing mistakes etc mean that an ‘apple for apple’ match won’t catch every multiple entry.

The methods in Kleber’s Match category use fuzzy technology to find even the trickier matches. Currently you can use Kleber to match:

Enhance Data with Kleber

Enhance Data with Kleber

The Enhance category within Kleber allows you to add information to your existing data to add meaning or provide insight.

This category currently contains methods for:

Kleber – Online Address Verifications Tools and More

Kleber is a flexible and dependable solution that satisfies all your data needs. Kleber is a brand new way of accessing a variety of data sources. It is a flexible solution that helps capture, verify, categorise, repair, and enhance data as and when you need it. With built-in online geo-coding, phone validation, and data parsing tools, this is the only help you will ever need with your data.

Datatools makes it easier for you to purchase and implement Kleber and enjoy its limitless possibilities without a hitch. You can try before you buy. We are sure you’ll be hooked on to the data related capabilities it offers.

Powerful yet Easy. Let Kleber help you!

The aim of Kleber is to provide a powerful, comprehensive solution for a whole range of data issues without making it complicated.

Therefore Kleber is designed to be:

Easy to access – with a wide variety of data sources from all around the world and new data sources added regularly.

Easy to develop – implement Kleber into your systems with minimal coding, unlimited support, unlimited advice & code samples.

Easy to try –  test out any method in Kleber using our working examples and also get $50 free credit when you register.

Easy to buy – no more dealing with multiple suppliers, royalties, excess transactions, fixed contracts etc. Just pay for what you consume!

Why is Kleber so easy?

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