Kleber Data Partners

DataTools works with data partners from all over the world to provide you with easy access to world class data within one platform – Kleber.

We do all the hard work of negotiating access, fees, royalties, etc so that you don’t have to worry about any of it.

DataTools is also committed to searching out new sources of data for Kleber so check back here regularly to see who is new.

Data Partners

Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) provide the Do Not Call Register.
APCA data partner
Australian Payments Clearing Association Limited (APCA) provide the Australian BSB lookup data.

Australia Post provides the Postal Address File (PAF) for Australian addresses. Over 13 million addresses are included. They also provide access to Australian National Change of Address, Deceased and Delivery permissions reference data.


BriteVerify provide access to a  real-time, global email address verification service.

Global Data Consortium (GDC) provides international address verification.

Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment (MBIE) in New Zealand provide a New Zealand Business Name register of business entities.

New Zealand Post provides the Postal Address File (PAF) for New Zealand postal addresses. It contains over 1.9 million delivery points or postal addresses.

Omnilink provides access to Australian geocoding data.
PCA Predict

PCA Predict (formerly PostCode Anywhere) provide access to international address search logic and global address reference data.


Pitney Bowes Software
Pitney Bowes software provides access to geocoding, reverse geocoding and travel direction services.

ReachTEL provide access to real-time Australian landline and mobile phone connection status services.

Roy Morgan provide their Helix Personas consumer segmentation dataset.