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Making data easy

Kleber is designed to make data easier to access, consume, enhance and develop.

DataTools found that there is a need in the market for a powerful, scalable data services platform that accesses data sources from around the world – yet isn’t complicated to implement or manage.

Kleber’s great strength is its ease of integration. It usually only requires a few lines of code to implement into your current environment & our coding examples help guide you along the way.

And whilst you are accessing all kinds of data – you will never have to maintain it. DataTools manages all the negotiations with data suppliers, loading of data etc. And being cloud based Kleber can easily scale up or down depending on your requirements – taking away all those hardware issues as well.

Kleber is approved by Australia Post and New Zealand Post.

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How does Kleber make it easier?

Easy to Access

There is a wide variety of data from all around the world available in Kleber. All data falls into one of 6 categories – Capture, Parse, Verify, Repair, Match and Enhance.

Within each category are a number of data methods. A method is a process or task that can be applied to your input data. For example – one method is to search for an address, another method can retrieve it, a third method may then be called to parse the address into it’s separate elements, etc.

For a full list of the data methods available click here.

In Kleber all data methods are available to all subscribers and there are no minimum transactions amounts. Whether you choose to access a method once or a million times is up to you.

DataTools is also committed to seeking out new data sources to add into Kleber. Once we’ve completed all the negotiations with the data provider (so you don’t have to!) and developed the new method – it becomes instantly available to all subscribers. For a list of our data partners click here.

This provides even more solution capabilities and means that over time, even if your requirements change – a new solution may already be there to help. You are effectively future proofing your business!

All of this makes it easy to access the data you need.

Easy to Try

We know that the best way to see how Kleber works is to allow you to try it!

One way is to go to each individual method and check out the detailed description for it. They can be accessed by clicking on the method itself in the method list. At this detailed level you will find a working example at the top where you can manually enter data and see how the results are returned.

If you then decide to trial the product further – you can register here to receive $50 free credit! Registering allows you to set up Kleber in your chosen environment to test out it’s capabilities. Once you’re happy with the setup – all you need to do is purchase a plan. No need to re-create the implementation or open another account – your trial becomes the production account.


Easy to Develop

Kleber is a software platform that allows a number of different data sources to be “plugged in” and utilised by all via a simple interface. It’s a web service integration tool – and as such works with both SOAP and REST style web services. We’ve also designed it to be flexible in the response format used. Currently XML and JSON are supported – including the cross domain versions JSONp and CORS.

One of the major strengths of Kleber is it’s ease of implementation. To make it easy DataTools’ provides you with:

Working examples – that allow you to key in real data and see how the results are returned.

Technical information – which details what elements you need to enter, what fields will be in the output, etc but more importantly provides code samples for all kinds of different development languages so that your developers can see how to implement that method.

Showcases – Our showcases are real life examples of how you can utilise the power of Kleber to create a solution. They outline how the showcase was created, the costs involved in a typical transaction, optional add in methods, as well as showing how to save money etc.

Free Unlimited Advice – our technical specialists can provide advice on which method or combination of methods you will need, how best to implement them with your system, which monthly subscription plan will work best for you etc. Call (02) 9687 4666 or use our Contact Us page to book a time with a specialist.

Free Unlimited Support – Our online Kleber Support area can provided self help solutions with guides and our online forum where you can ask other Kleber users for help. Or you can contact our Client Services team who will provide all kinds of ongoing support and assistance from implementation queries, data questions, account queries etc.

Need a developer?

Easy to Buy

DataTools has made the purchasing side of accessing all the data in Kleber simple and hassle free too! Most methods only cost a few cents each. Click here to see the price list for all the methods available in Kleber.

Whenever you use a data method, the cost for that method is simply deducted from your nominated monthly subscription plan amount. Easy!

All you have to do is sign up to one of our Monthly plans! There are a number of different monthly subscription plans available to cover DIY, Pro and Enterprise users of Kleber.

All but the very basic plan include bonus credit amounts, effectively lowering your overall cost per method. Plus any unused credit from that month is rolled over for up to 12 months. This is helpful if you have peaks and troughs in your usage as your credit is available when you need it!

If however you find that you may not have enough credit left to get you through to your monthly renewal date – you can also purchase top up amounts at any time and these credits are also valid for up to 12 months!

Easy to Manage

As a Kleber subscriber you can access all kinds of information in the My Account area of the Kleber website. This is where you obtain all the information relating to your account with Kleber.

The Setup Kleber area will be one of the first places you’ll go when you register. It provides you with your key to use Kleber and gives instructions on how to implement it.

Add Credit allows you to purchase your monthly plan or Top Up if necessary.

Balance & Usage – use the two meters at the top to gauge the overall ‘health’ of your account – or delve deeper with hourly, daily and monthly transaction numbers, URLs Kleber is used in, plan details etc.

My Profile allows you to change your company and address details.

If there are any notifications we need to send out in regards to Kleber – for example the release of a new method or server maintenance – the Notification area is located in My Account also.

And if you’d like to earn a little extra – there is also a link to becoming a Kleber affiliate – which provides you with the opportunity to earn commission by recommending Kleber to other companies via your own unique Affiliate URL. Learn more about becoming an Affiliate here.

Kleber in the cloud

Being in the cloud allows Kleber to be super flexible and reliable. It provides clients with a robust, secure & easily scalable system that allows access to automatic updates with no downtime and the comfort of business continuity.

And best of all it reduces IT costs associated with maintaining complicated systems and hardware.

Access to ALL methods

No method is off limits & new methods are added regularly.


Kleber is cloud based & easily scales up or down as required.

Quick to get started

Minimal code for each method makes it quick to implement.

No Maintenance

No need to load or maintain anything – we do it all for you!

Unlimited Support – at all levels

Our philosophy is simple…

To provide as much help as required to anyone involved in implementing or using DataTools software

So we are proud to offer unlimited support, at all levels, for NO additional cost.

We believe in our products and how much worth they can bring to our clients – so we’re not shy about talking to you!  We’ll assist you across the whole process – from your initial queries, through design and implementation, to end user training and queries.

PLUS we provide the same level of service whether you are trialing a product; are a new client; or a valued customer. We have structured our support so that everyone has the opportunity to either help themselves, help others or talk to us directly.

To learn more, please visit our Home Support page here or to access the Kleber Support area, please click here.

About DataTools

DataTools have been providing innovative software solutions for over 20 years. We started in the mid 1990’s when we created Australia’s first easy to use and affordable data quality software that was specifically built to deal with Australian data.

Then in 1999 when Australia Post introduced the postal barcoding system we anticipated the growing move to PC based systems and quickly became the postal production software of choice.

Now once again we are leading the way with simple, easy to use software for websites, applications, CRMs and more.

Click here to learn more about DataTools.

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