Please note that the quarterly scheduled maintenance work on the DataTools Kleber and Correct Address+ servers to update the data was completed on the 28th March 2019. For more up-to-date status reports of Kleber and CA+ – please bookmark our status page ( and click on ‘Subscribe to Updates’ to have all alerts sent to your email.

Data updated with this release includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • the 2019.2 PAF from Australia Post
  • Q4, 2018 PAF from New Zealand Post.
  • Latest G-NAF data

During an update the servers have the following alert statuses:
Red – First hour after rollout is heavily monitored to ensure consistency of service.
Yellow – The next 24 hours are monitored closely for any issues that may arise.
Green – If no issues occur during the yellow monitoring phase service returns to normal monitoring which is green alert status.

The services are currently in the Green monitoring stage.