Your data can be your greatest asset – but when it is not right – it impacts so many areas of business.

From customer experience and conversion to internal resources and budgets.

At Kleber – we make data accurate.

In fact, our data is up to 5% more accurate than anyone else, thanks to our Kleber Intuitive Advantage.

Need more accurate data?
How does 5% more accurate than anyone else sound?   Reduce costly bounce rates – be it mail, email, phone, etc – with Kleber.

Challenged by user experience?
Is your user experience in need of help?   Fast data capture and verification will lubricate the sales process.

Migrating to a new platform/cloud?
Looking to move your existing data to a new system?   Move the right data, right from the start with Kleber.

Planning a new project?
Got a new project on the boil?   Don’t let data and customer experience let you down – start with the right tools – Kleber!

Multiple APIs causing inefficiencies?
Dealing with too many data API’s??   Kleber is one single API integration to make your data cleaner and processes smoother.

Kleber is Australia’s most accurate data enhancement platform.

Combining more data verification sources with an algorithm that acts intuitively in a human way.  It cleans, sorts, updates and deduplicates.

What’s left is pure gold for a business: accurate data

So don’t scramble in the data battle, get our secret weapon on your side.

Get Kleber – Data Made Accurate.

Simple Implementations
Bullet Proof

Implementation made simple

With one simple API to integrate, that covers all verification sources, we’re multiple times simpler than any other on the market.

That’s one API to cover everything. From address capture and verification; email and phone verification; change of address due to moving and deaths; geocoding, BSB verification, and much more.

And the best part is, we can be up and running within hours where others take weeks.

If that’s not the complex made simple, we don’t know what is.

Bulletproof Security

Whenever data’s involved, security is rightly a concern.

We’ve solved this issue in a simple and completely bulletproof way: we don’t store any data.

That means we provide nothing to hack, nowhere to lose things, and no excuses to hide behind.

So if security is on your mind, well with Kleber – that one is well and truly taken care of.

Built for Scale

We are more consistent, predictable, and scalable than anyone else – and we can prove it.

We have more server space than anyone else and a proprietry smooth scaling process that mandates a minimum 30% redundancy buffer at all times. All built on the industry-leading Amazon Web Services (AWS).

That means zero scheduled or unscheduled downtime – which is why the likes of Ticketek chosse Kleber for their address capture and verification.

Service on your Terms

With us, there are no lock-ins, no notice periods, and no convoluted terms and conditions.

With Kleber, you pay for just what you need and nothing you don’t.

More importantly, it’s what drives our Silver Service Promise. Because you’re free to leave any time  – we work harder to look after you.

So it should come as no surprise when we tell you that over 95% of Kleber customers recommend us.

Real Clients - Real Solutions

Bauer Media

“We developed three implementations of the Kleber API within a month. A testament to the ease of use of the Kleber API interface & the support of the DataTools team”
Graham Pearson – Business Systems Manager

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Queensland Police

By utilising Kleber to verify email addresses & phone numbers in the field, Queensland Police officers now have the power to issue traffic infringement notices electronically via email or MMS, thus streamlining procedures & improving efficiencies.

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